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The Shocking Insider's Story of Jehovah's Witnesses


Dear Dan,

This book was incredibly inspirational as well as motivational. It truly enabled me to untangle myself from the strong belief that God was mad at me. It was a mirror back to me that showed me how I viewed God in my life. I saw that I didn't have the best view and it made me want to examine how I saw God and how this was affecting my life. I realized that God was bigger than the view I had of Him. I can say that this has truly changed the way that I look at people now in other religions and faiths. I've lost a lot of judgment and I feel free in my relationship with my God. I even feel loved by God for once in my life! I also understand the importance of surrendering in a deep way to God and have enjoyed the benefit of this in my life. I feel so free!



Life Skills Instructor, Brighton, CO

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