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The Shocking Insider's Story of Jehovah's Witnesses


"The author is to be commended for coming forward with his tale of abuse, violence and insanity. This chilling and disquieting account should be read by anyone who has left a cult or knows of someone in a cult, as well as their families and loved ones."
- as seen in The New York Times Book Review

"A page-turning glimpse into the lifestyle of a Jehovah's Witness. In sharing his memoir, Clark seeks catharsis and closure. Born and raised a Jehovah's Witness in a particularly dysfunctional family, he describes his upbringing in a filthy, sometimes violent home with a mentally ill mother and often-absent father. His early exerpiences ranged from shameful visits to the Kingdom Hall, where his family sat at the periphery of the faith due to neglect, to visiting his mother in a mental hospital, a scarry experience. Reaching adulthood ill-equipped for the world, Clark entered a brief, failed marriage, turned back to the Kingdom Hall, married again, then began a spiritual and emotional roller-coaster ride. After a lengthy struggle with hypocrisy he perceived in the leadership and doctrine of his faith, Clark's family finally left the Jehovah's Witnesses, a jarring change that was part of the cause of the breakup of his second marriage. More ups and downs followed as he suffered through depression, financial ruin and other failed-an obviously painful and raw period, only briefly explored here. At last, Clark discovers peace in a new faith tradition and comfort through a third marriage. The story is engrossing, and the writing solid. Clark's portrayal of the life of a Jehovah's Witness is necessarily subjective, but it's grounded in a lifelong experience with this often-mysterious faith; anyone who has received a Witness at their door will find Clark's perspective intriguing. The tradition Clark presents is troubling at best, frightening at worst. Though an imperfect character in many respects, his ability to change course and seek out a truer relationship with God is inspiring. One man's successful return from a spiritual hell."
- Kirkus Discoveries

Written by former Jehovah's Witness Daniel Clark, I Witness: The Shocking Insider's Story of Jehovah's Witnesses is the shocking true-life story of a devout member of the Watchtower Society who became disillusioned with the church teachings after observing corruption, dysfunctional manipulation, and cult-like abuse of power throughout his entire life. He and his family were virtually held prisoner by the demands of the organization. A true tale of growing up in a world of brainwashing, violence and ruthless religious indoctrination, "I, Witness" is a sobering revelation of the darkness within corrupted religion. Enhanced with the inclusion of a practical, positive, step-by-step for personal emancipation, "I, Witness" is particularly recommended for anyone having to deal with membership in the Jehovah's Witness movement either directly or in behalf of a loved one.
- The Midwest Book Review

"Sure to be controversial and shocking. Clark's account of his personal experiences with Jehovah's Witnesses is unnerving and oftentimes shattering. It's an important book that will be sure to stir a lot of discussion."
- Janette Owens, Author of Man With a Vengeance

"Brilliantly written, the author's experience with the Watchtower Society is both raw and riveting. Highly recommended."
- Vivekanand Palavali, M.D., author of A Mindful Life

"An important book for all those involved with cults, their members and the families whose lives they touch. Clark shows the strength and fortitude it takes to go against the current when it would be much easier to go with the flow."
- Wanda Campbell, author of First Sunday in October

"Too little information about cults has made its way into public awareness. From the perspective of one who has lived in a cult, this book sheds light on the issues and helps dispel prejudices."
- Amber Ellis, author of Alta Fay's Allegiance

"This book is a moving account of one man's journey toward freedom from religious repression"
- Maurice Borrows, author of Freedom After Life

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